Thursday, May 6, 2010

Who Are You Calling An Oxymoron, Pal?

Inspired by not getting an arts job I was hoping-but-not-expecting to get (I don't even want to talk about the fact that I easily earn more in the restaurant industry than I would at this job), I turned back to Craigslist as a source of both comfort and aid. Gained? A job interview at a cool Brooklyn restaurant lined up for Saturday afternoon. Learned? Check this out:

Fine Dining Servers Needed At Yankee Stadium

Apparently there's a steakhouse inside Yankee Stadium. Who knew? But what I love about this post is its amazingly subtle prefaces. When applying to any restaurant, you want to make sure its a busy one. Since servers in New York City earn below minimum wage (usually $4.65/hour), your compenstation is almost entirely based on tips. More people in a night = more tips.

The steakhouse describes itself as "one of the most in-demand restaurants in NYC" "on game days." Broad claim, but I'm willing to believe they do brisk business on nights when the home team is...home. But the ad also claims that this is a great job for those "looking for a career." But tell me, Yankee Steak Slingers, how could I have a career if your business is based on whether or not people are at the stadium? I mean, forgetting the fact that sometimes the Yanks play away, I hear tell of something called an off-season. Unless hanging out in the South Bronx at desolate ball fields is the new hanging out in repurposed Brooklyn warehouses.

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