Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In Which I Don't Try To Get More Work In The Industry.

Fellow New Yorkers, the time we've been dreading has arrived. TGIFriday's in Union Square is opening and they are hiring front of house staff!

I found this ad today on Craigslist : New Restaurant Opening- NOW HIRING

I wish that they had put the TGIFriday's name in the post title so as not to waste my clicking-time. For me, restaurant work is challenging enough. I don't think I have the heart to sell utter crap to boatloads of tourists who are just blocks away some of the greatest restaurants in NYC. And I don't want to wear that polo or the visor, or the 37 pieces of flair. This is one case where I deserve my underemployment.


  1. Hey, Guy Fieri has endorsed Friday's! And he described one of their recent specials as "money." Plus, the burgers are decent and they serve (at least until recently) fried macaroni and cheese. And yet you still shun them?

  2. Publius,

    Guy Fieri still has bleached blonde spiky hair and oakleys. I no longer implicitly trust his taste. But I know the man can cook and eat with the best of them.

    I don't shun Friday's per se- I mean, I like that when on a road trip, say, I can eat there and know what I'm going to get (including a weight watchers points menu). I have fond memories of hanging out in the TGIFriday's at the mall across the small highway from the high school I went to...

    But I couldn't work there. As I said, for that I deserve at least another week of underemployment. Mea Snobbius Culpa.

  3. This post brought back traumatic memories for me. Bet you didn't know I worked at T.G.I. Friday's at 50th and 7th for 2 years! (That included two New Year's Eves.) By the way, tourists don't tip. But I'm sure you already knew that.

  4. I knew you had corporate sit-down experience. 2 years!! I envy your strength, but I don't envy the experiences you must have endured. Please feel free to write me with funny stories.

  5. I once had a pimp pay me with a $50 bill that had his number on it. Does that count? Also had bible belt tourists tip me in "Have you found Jesus?" pamphlets on their $150 bill. God love Times Square.

  6. I don't know why but I feel like the appropriate response to those bible-belters (who in my mind are really really fat) is "Have you found your belly button?"

  7. Just a minute! TGI Fridays is not "utter crap". You ever had their sizzling chicken and cheese? It's to die for. And they did bring deep fried mac and cheese to the masses, did they not? And let us not recall that TGI Fridays basically invented flair bartending, and that but for flair bartending, there would have been no "Cocktail", and without "Cocktail" who knows where Tom Cruise's career might have ended up?

  8. Ringguax,

    "Utter crap" might be an overstatement, but that food is shipped in, frozen- there's not so much cooking in that kitchen as much as reheating. But as I've said in my comments, I know the value of a corporate sit-down.

    Re: Tom Cruise. Chronologically off the mark, but I get your point. I just don't want to wear the flair. Really, getting out of bed would just be too hard.