Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Guess I Won't Be Top Cheffing This Week.

Last thursday I applied to be a server at an NYC restaurant run by a former Top Chef Contestant. I felt like I knew the chef already and he seemed personable on TV, plus I figured the Top Chef cred would guarantee a busy restaurant.

I emailed in my resume- they explicitly asked for applicants not to send a cover letter- and heard back from them on Friday. They wanted to set up a preliminary phone interview.

On the day of the phone interview I called. Here are the three questions I was asked:

When would you be able to start?
Are there any days you can't work?
Is there anything you want us to know?

Now, I finessed that last question but even so the interview was all of 5 minutes. I haven't heard back from them. I'm not even beating myself up about this one. I barely said anything, let alone anything wrong.

Doesn't Padma look like she just killed something with only her hands and a wood spoon? Something that bleeds chocolate!


  1. Wow-I didn't even recognize Padma. She looks bizarre in this photo. I hope you'll hear back from the Top Chef restaurant.

  2. It's ok if I don't. I have an interview to host at another big time NYC restaurant tomorrow, and an interview Saturday to host at an expensive but pleasant tourist mecca. So I'm doing well all things considered.

  3. And yes- Padma looks bizarre, unnatural and if the photo were in black and white homicidal-maniacal. It's a strange picture of a very beautiful woman. Whoever does her PR dropped the ball on this one.