Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We Doormen-less New Yorkers. An Open Letter To UPS.

Dear UPS,

I am more likely to be out of the house during the late afternoon and night than in the morning and midday. This is because I make more money when I work dinner shifts, allowing me to purchase things needing of delivery. But when you show up at 7:30, I am busy working.

Re: 2nd attempt. No, there will not be someone home tonight because my roommate works in the restaurant industry too. And no, sir, I don't have a doorman because I'm not earning enough from said industry to support living in a building with people paid to wait for my stuff.

Re: Holding. No, friend, I cannot go to your storage facility because I live in New York City and therefore don't have a car. Furthermore, the perk of getting things delivered is that someone else gets paid to carry the heavy package to the door of your fourth floor walk-up.

It would be really awesome if you would let me request a morning delivery, UPS. It would save you useless trips to my non-doormanned apartment and save me the aggravation of explaining my life to you over the phone.




  1. Amen to that-UPS should be offer different windows of delivery options. (Love the postage stamp graphic) I hope you got your package, did you?

  2. I had this similar problem with the cable guy. The latest he could come was 6:00pm. I don't get off of work until 6:00pm. He then told me I could pick up the part at the store...which closes at 5:00pm. I am beginning to think that most things should just be 24 hours.

  3. Deborah - I did get the package. What happened was while I was out on a job interview this afternoon (more on that later in post form), my new apparently hard-working super was painting the vestibule, so he let them in. When I got home tonight at 10 I looked at the package I decided that I will wait till tomorrow to carry the thing up the bajillion stairs.

    C. - That blows. I am a fan of 24 hour service, and NYC is better about that than most places. I just don't get who in delivery land doesn't understand the need for multiple delivery options. Whoever comes up with the solution to this age old problem deserves a big pay raise.