UnderEmployed graduated from an Ivy League University in 2008 and finally found full time employment on 9/30/2010. Still working at a big name in the NYC restaurant industry, UnderEmployed's blog began as an active chronicle of her efforts to find more work, get promoted, and generally do whatever it takes to move from "underemployed" to "employed."

While in college, UnderEmployed's writing for the university's arts and culture weekly was picked up by IvyGate and CollegeHumor. During her tenure as a Managing Editor of this weekly, some of her scandalous headlines were banned by CollegePublisher. Being censored was a highlight of her time in college publishing. Her writing has also been published by arts organizations for publicity materials, both on paper and online, as well as in an academic journal (just one).

Stuff UnderEmployed Has Done On The Job:

-Cleaning houses
-Office space organization
-Receptionist work
-Stand in outdoor parking lot directing cars where to park 
-Photocopying, faxing, filing
-Write publicity materials
-Read and evaluate submissions
-Pick people up from and drop people off at train stations and airports
-Coat check attendant
-SAT tutor
-Day camp counselor

Stuff UnderEmployed Now Does On The Job:
-Personal Assistant
-Travel Agent
-Cleaner of office coffee machines