Friday, May 21, 2010

Please Believe Me, You Don't Want To Touch It.

Dear Restaurant Diners,

The reason I have an often white but sometimes purple towel on my plate-carrying arm is because it creates a layer between the really hot plate and my skin. You see me using a folded towel to hold individual plate not because I'm worried I'll accidentally touch your food, but because I don't want to accidentally drop the plate because my fingertips are burning.

Why are the plates so dang hot?

First of all, we store them in this heater-thingy. When we take them out of the heater-thingy they are very very warm. When the plate sits awaiting food under the hot lights at the pass, they get hot. The longer those plates sit awaiting food, the hotter they get. By the time the order is up and ready to be run to a table, that plate can really burn. (Side note: so can the surface of the pass- I've burned my knuckles on it, which is a just punishment for having idle hands at the pass.)

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