Thursday, May 13, 2010

Other Things To Do Include : Cleaning.

I'll keep this short and sweet. I normally work thursdays, but my thursday shift at the restaurant was cut...I think forever. YIKES. The downsides of losing a shift are pretty obvious, but I excel at silver linings. A list of upsides include:

-More availability to take higher paying shifts.
The thursday shift I lost was a barista shift, during which I would make about $85 bucks. However, if I end up covering for any servers on Thursdays, I'm looking at $100-$150. If I do an event on Thursdays I'm looking at anywhere from $100-$250.

-Freedom to commit more hours to another job.
"But Underemployed," you might say, "you don't have a second paying job. You're fucked!"
To which I would reply, "I don't have another job yet." This week I interviewed for another part time job, and I've emailed a couple random places I found on Craigslist. It'll happen.

-Time to do arts stuff.
I regularly volunteer my reading and writing skills to a big time NYC arts organization on a barter system. Sure I'm bitter they didn't hire me for a full-time paying job but whatever! The work is fun brain candy and I like it. And maybe someday they'll pay me.

-Time for life administration.
Well, today I've been watching episodes of "Miami Ink" on Instant Netflix, folding laundry, cleaning the floors, changing sheets. My room is never tidier than when I have unexpected, undesired days off.

Let's hope I won't have to compulsively organize for long.

Kat Von D's version of the classic Gil Elvgren pinup seen above, tattooed on "Miami Ink."

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