Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Have No Shame.

The Setting: The balcony of a touristy mid-town restaurant before the dinner rush.
The Circumstances: Hot30-somethingManagerLady (We will call her HotManager) is interviewing Underemployed for a hostess position.

HotManager: Ivy League! One of my best friends went there.
Underemployed: Oh cool! Yeah it's a great school.
HotManager: She loved it. Did you graduate this year?
Underemployed: No, May '08. Did your friend graduate near my year, maybe I know her?

HotManager giggles with glee.

HotManager: No, no, college was a long time ago for us.

End of scene.

That's right people. I'm so good I even pulled that ass-kissing off.

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