Saturday, May 15, 2010

Remember That Time I Felt Really Sorry For Myself? My Bad.

I have a small work-related up-date.

Remember that Thursday shift I lost? And remember I was playing it off all cool but really I was freaking out because I thought I was one step closer to living in a box eating discarded McDonalds ketchup packets out of the garbage?

My bad. On re-looking at the schedule I realized I've been relocated to Sunday brunch work. This means that I got traded onto a more lucrative day shift. It also means I'll be a lot busier, but I'm ok with that. Once I'm at the restaurant, I'd prefer having a lot to do.

But how did I make such a dumb error? Besides being generally stressed out about my life which clearly clouds my close reading skills, I'm also not used to looking past Friday on the schedule since I haven't been scheduled for a weekend barista shift in months. We "set the schedule" months ago too and, since I'm no fool, I opted for night shifts where I work less and earn more in coffee land as opposed to the hellish pace of weekend brunches. Sure we were sent new schedules week after week despite it being "set," but my shifts never changed. But after some turnover in the barista community, I'm back on the weekend brunch team. Because I'm the only barista left who can make latte art.


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