Sunday, April 25, 2010

Private Party and Public Boredom. Or, Working Coat Check In The Spring.

Last night, I worked for the special events crew doing coat check. The event was an after-party for a film screening. There was promise of celebrity sightings. I arrived at 10:30 pm, left at 2:30 AM and made about $70 bucks in those 4 hours. Not bad at all.

But what did I actually do? What is the life of a coat check attendant?

10:30 pm : Arrive. As guests won't be showing up till 11:30 at the earliest, go to the barista station and make an iced americano. Need caffeine to be charming and perky. Give young barista semi-solicited college advice- major in whatever you want! get a job where you can do your homework while getting paid!

10:50 : Go to the coat check stand downstairs. Write out the tickets; hang tickets on hangers. Wait. Read awesome book.

11:30 : Once the guests arrive, I trade them tickets for coats and bags. I direct guests to the bathroom. Some generous guests tip when I take their coats. Some don't. Since it's mid-April there aren't that many coat wearers anyway.

OverlyThoughtOutfitLady : Can I check my bag?
Underemployed : Of course.
OverlyThoughtOutfitLady :You'll be here the whole time?
Underemployed : I'll be sitting here for the entire event. You're stuff will be safe.
OverlyThoughtOutfitLady : You won't get distracted and walk away?
Underemployed(perhaps too bitterly) : No, I have this awesome book to keep me occupied.

Read my awesome book. Text friends on West Coast since East Coast friends are either drunk or in bed. Instruct people without wristbands to go upstairs and get one if their name is on the list. Read awesome book. Look alive.

Overheard :

30something woman #1 : I have no business here.
30something woman #2 : I know. There's a lot of people who shouldn't be here. I'm really annoyed.

2:00 am: As guests leave, trade the coats and bags for ticktes. Smile a lot so as to entice them to put cash in the tip jar. Chat about the book I'm reading. Chat about the party. Deal with drunk men.

Drunk 20something (in no way ashamed of blatantly staring at Underemployed's chest): You' huge.
Underemployed: Uh huh.
Drunk 20-something : Pretty.
Underemployed: Thanks. Can I have your ticket?
Drunk 20something: It's really...big. Can I touch it?
Underemployed: Here's your coat. Goodnight.

2:30 : Hail a cab.

And that's all it was. Some nice people, some rude people, a lot of drunk people. I assume coat check is more challenging when it's actually cold out and everyone has heavy coats to shed, but it's not rocket science. And you can read.

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