Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Not Much Has Changed Since Lucy's Day.

There is so much to learn about restaurant behavior from this all time great scene from "I Love Lucy."

Attempt 1 : Really? Clearly no server could take orders when carrying what looks like a massively heavy tray.

Attempt 2 : Server should have acknowledged Lucy, maybe with a "I'll be right with you," before dropping the checks he is holding in his hands on the appropriate tables.

Attempt 3: First time the server really flubbed.

Order Taking Attempt 1: No manager should call a server off the floor mid-order.

Switching Tables: I hate when costumers do this. It gums up the works and confuses people (like the poor server). If there are any runners in this kitchen, they're going to get very confused if the server doesn't properly communicate the seat change. The host must also be informed, lest she try to seat a party at a table that is no longer available.

Order Taking Attempt 2: I know it's sexy when servers don't write down the order, but I like writing it down and I like when other servers write it down. Props to this server for knowing the limits of short term memory.

Special request: Although the server's quip about bringing the chops out for Lucy to choose is rude, his point resonates deeply in my heart.

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