Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Talk To You And Give You Food Because That's How I Get Paid. Get Over Yourself.

Like so many men, emerging country singer and former pizza delivery guy Jonathan Byrd knows the simple pleasures of having a woman around. And though he seems to be kidding, his song does hit an anti-feminist nerve. Why is he in love with his waitress? Because she is a pretty woman who calls him sir, because she smiles at him, checks in to see how he's doing, because she listens, and because she will "come back till [he's] had enough."

An Afterthought : Here are some pet names costumers have called me at work. I bet they would never use these inappropriate diminutives with the male servers.



  1. LOL-love the song and the list of names!

  2. The only times I've enjoyed being called love are when I was in England and everyone was 'love' and when it was used my one of my student's parents. Every other circumstance has pissed me off.

  3. Deborah- I secretly like the song too, and he gets a pass for having worked as a pizza boy.

    C. - Agreed. When people call me these names, I want to tell them that I'm actually a bitch and in no way sweet at all. So there. But, that not even being totally true, I usually just smile, walk away and complain to coworkers.