Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guess What! I'd Really Rather Work At The Restaurant.

My daily does of Craigslist has had two satisfying results today. Result 1 : Learning one of my favorite music venues is hiring servers. Hello, second job, is that you? Result 2 : Yet again, I'm reminded why working at the restaurant is positively luxurious.

Disgusting Job Of The Week? Nauseating Clinical Trials!

The job itself is to participate in a research survey testing the efficacy of a topical ointment to treat toe nail fungus. The catch? In order to be a paid participant you have to have been diagnosed by a real physician with toe nail fungus. That's compensation up to $600 I'm proud to kiss good bye.

But even worse? Not the job opening, but for all those patients whose nasty toes are in this trial, there's got to be some poor soul dipping q-tips in ointment and being near people's yucky toes. And then filling out sheets and sheets of questionnaires about...toe fungus and ointment. Gross.


  1. I know. I assume qualifying for the $600 compensation in the toe nail fungus experiment necessarily prohibits one from participating as a pawstitute in this upcoming foot fetish event:

    Forgive the pun. Humor is how I cope with the awfulness of these craigslist jobs.