Tuesday, June 15, 2010

NYC By Way of Seoul. Underemployed is Underemployed.

One of my great good friends from Ivy League, Class of '09, double major in Public Policy and Critical Theory, has been living and working in Seoul basically since she graduated. She was teaching ESL there and now that the school year is over is balancing some paid internship opportunities and some fully-paying opportunities and trying to figure out how to do something she wants instead of something that will be horrible.

Below is a gchat:

12:00 AM you know what i dont understand
is some of the most unqualified people i know in the class of 2010 got jobs
i guess that can be explained by connections or something though
me: that's what i was about to suggest
UnderemployedinSeoul: ah, connections
12:01 AM me: i also wonder if any of these so-called jobs are thinly veiled free labor spots gotten from said connections
but i have gotten to a bitter enough spot where i tend to assume most employed peers have had some sort of boost
UnderemployedinSeoul: yeah right?

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