Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm Not Cynical, I'm A Realist. I Don't Believe Things Are Bad, I Know They Are.

As an energetic young adult with a fancy schmancy pedigree, I take some people by surprise when I say things like:

"I know that I'm not a special snowflake"
"I don't deserve anything, if I get some great job yay for me"
"I don't assume that my work life will be distinguished. I think I've got a good shot, but its not a given"
"I'm no better than the people getting hired"

I have been called cynical. I think that's an unfair charge, world. I am confident of my abilities, proud of my accomplishments and hopeful for future fulfillment. Am I optimistic? Not in the short-term. And, according to this fascinating video released by Associated Press, I have no reason to be. After all, there are a lot of other snowflakes in the shit storm. I mean snow storm.

The glass is above is more than half empty, not because I'm a pessimist but because there is more water on the table than in the glass. Sometimes glasses are empty because liquid spilled out of them.

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