Monday, August 2, 2010

The Time I Left Work Grinning.

The time is 1:15 AM. I am almost done with an unremarkable Sunday night cocktailing shift.

Tall Irishman: Is it too late for a pot of tea?
Underemployed: Nope.
Tall Irishman: Great! Can I get two pots of English breakfast tea with some milk?
Underemployed: Sure. Hey you look really familiar to me.
Tall Irishman: Oh?
Underemployed: Yeah. You know, you look just like the guy from The Frames.
Tall Irishman (smiling) : I am.

We introduced ourselves shaking hands, and I told him about how I'm a fan of his band and about how much I loved Once. When I brought him and his friend their teas, I told them it was on the house. He looked so surprised. "It's just hot water and two bags of tea, right? My pleasure."


  1. rad. That's like the time Michael Jackson stopped by my house and asked to use the bathroom.

  2. Laird, you've never told me that!

    C. I know!! It's funny- I'm sure he really is a sweet guy, my gut is that for him getting recognized in New York is fun, but I bet in Dublin he gets bothered a lot.

    It was really cool.