Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ode To Kelly Cutrone. Part 1.

OSure, I bought her book hoping for advice about working in a fast paced, diva driven office environment but instead got her general musings about how to learn who I am. Although her description of fashion pr as her yogic ashram falls on deaf ears, Kelly Cutrone has wisdom to offer me. Below are some amazing clips from Bravo's "Kell on Earth." After a busy second day at the office, I have a new found zeal in watching these.

Legit, I have been given speeches at the new office like the one Kelly gives at the end of this clip. Except the part about crying. And her book-title-worthy advice is one I plan on following for the rest of my life.

On why I should be busy and stressed out:

Why it's bad to commit legitimate crimes. Particularly crimes related to or benefiting from my job:

How not to answer phones (this clip takes place at Kelly's company)

The restaurant office I now work in only has 2 male permanent staffers, but is run by a male chef/owner. One of the two men in the office is the only person in the office to not be on the main floor in a semi-private workspace. He's a big deal. But of the worker bees, only one man's in the trenches. I think Kelly would have lots to say about it, including that maybe the reason the women in my office are such type-A stone-faced crazies is because they are fighting a little harder than the men to be taken as seriously in their careers. Plus she mocks Ryan Seacrest to his face. Twice.

Kelly, teach me how to toughen up and work in a legit for profit office environment. And how to look great while doing it.


  1. hilarious. i may have to pick her book up. do you know if there is going to be a second season of kell on earth or did i miss it already or some other possibility?

  2. i haven't heard yet if there will be a second commercials...gosh i hope there is.

    re: book

    it's a good subway read, actually. her life story has had ups and downs; crazy love affairs and crazier clients. the idea that she is a spiritual leader is mildly disturbing, but she is such a fucking champ at being in the workplace that it's worth it to read about her gurus and stuff. whatever works, right?